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Pre Calculus 40S

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Math course choices information.


MPC 30, AND 40 information available here. 

MATH  PC text grade 10, 11 and 12 




Want EXTRA PRACTICE for MPC40S? Please visit www.math30.ca


Find Pre-Calculus practice exams here!


Videos from Class:


Chapter 01 Playlist


Chapter 02 Playlist 


Chapter 03 Playlist


Chapter 04 Playlist


Chapter 05 Playlist


Chapter 06 Playlist


Chapter 07 Playlist


Chapter 08 Playlist


Chapter 09 Playlist


Chapter 10 Playlist


Chapter 11 Playlist



Here are the solutions for the textbook. PC40 Textbook FULL solutions

My class notes are available in the folder called PC40 notes. PC40 notes (cox)





Have a look at this applet created with Geogebra to play around with transformations! 

Please pay special attention to questions in the text that contain words such as explain, identify, and justify!

I would like to point out and highlight that it is imperative that you be familiar with the following terminology:


  • Evaluate: Find the numerical value.
  • Explain: Use words to provide the cause or reason for the response, or to render the response more clear and understandable.
  • Sketch the graph: Provide detailed drawing with key features of the graph that includes a minimum of 2 coordinate points.
  • Identify/Indicate: Recognize and select the answer by stating or circling it.
  • Justify: Show reasons for or give facts that support a position by using mathematical computations, words, and /or diagrams.
  • Solve: Give a solution for a problem or determine the value(s) of a variable.
  • Verify: Establish the truth of a statement by substitution or comparison.






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